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We Want Internet

The Internet is going to become even more embedded in people’s lives

Welcome to Christian Media 2.0

For the first time in history we have the technology to reach every man, woman, and child in every nation with the gospel.


  • God sees our distress and wants us to seek His help. "Jesus saw that they were in a lot of trouble." Mark 6:48 8 hours ago
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  • If God permits it, it is good, IF we joyfully endure to the end. "For you have been given the privilege of suffering for him." Phil 1:29 1 day ago
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  • Fair-weather faith is not faith at all. (Charles Spurgeon) "They saw the works of the LORD, his wonderful deeds in the deep." Ps 107:24 3 days ago
  • We Want Internet http://t.co/AqNWSN5RxP 3 days ago
  • RT @ThomRainer: "War Room is unapologetically bold. It is a call to prayer." http://t.co/RFymY3sRiv 5 days ago retweeted via ThomRainer
  • Christians are becoming aware that there's a large portion of society who would be relieved if all evangelicals were raptured. @drmoore 5 days ago