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Digital Checkup

Time for a Digital Checkup

Don’t let your digital health today make you complacent about your ministry’s digital future.

Welcome to Christian Media 2.0

For the first time in history we have the technology to reach every man, woman, and child in every nation with the gospel.


  • Living in Palestinian controlled West Bank & Gaza, O.Marie faced his moment of truth and has decided to follow Jesus. 3 hours ago
  • God knows precisely what cross we need to bear. “And he went out carrying his own cross.” John 19:17 22 hours ago
  • RT @wttpradio: The Transforming Word with Pastor Mike Spaulding Monday-Friday 9:30A. Tune in online at http://t.co/9gsSXIt969 2 days ago retweeted via wttpradio
  • RT @Rhindt: “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” C.S.Lewis 2 days ago retweeted via Rhindt
  • Better the storm with Christ than smooth waters without Him. “There he proved them.” Ex: 15:25 2 days ago
  • Christ plus nothing equals everything, but everything without Christ equals nothing. James Ford 3 days ago
  • RT @AlliBarrera: Today I gave my life to Christ. Thank you Cross Church family and @ronniefloyd for such a warm welcome and for teaching us… 5 days ago retweeted via AlliBarrera
  • Materially, we may be in a desert now, but "Even the wilderness & desert will be glad in those days. The wasteland will rejoice & blossom." 5 days ago
  • "A revival is an invasion from heaven; that’s what I want to see again." Greg Laurie 7 days ago
  • Be watchful, it's through everyday trials & a thousand practical conditions that our faith is perfected http://t.co/gtoixw38QF 1 week ago