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Church Communications

Repurpose your church video assets

Week after week churches everywhere are focused on producing video content with a purpose.

These are stylish, well thought-out videos that create the proper mood for biblical story; that help people connect with meaningful messages; and that beautifully illuminate and accent spiritual themes.

There are countless numbers of these short church media assets which can stand on their own.

What should you do with these videos?

Giving people the opportunity to see your video again is the best way to ensure that the resources devoted to creating it are optimized.

One way to do that is by repurposing your video assets. Approaches to repurposing digital media have been well documented.

You can place your videos on the church website. You can place them on the Web by creating an account at top video aggregator sites or by uploading them to video sharing sites. You can embed video links on your social media pages, or post the video in your blog. You can also broadcast your video live on the Internet by using services such as LiveStream.

Not every video you create will go viral; that’s not the point.

There are two primary opportunities here: 1) To develop an external content and media distribution strategy for your church 2) To explore the numerous techniques for ensuring that your content has the greatest possible impact for the gospel.

Repurposing your video is a way to extend the “shelf-life” of your content. For Christian creators that means more people will spiritually benefit. Your content can influence eternal decisions and victorious living. That’s strong incentive.

Promise of connected TV

At the same time, serious content producers dream of the day their work is broadcast to even larger audiences. That has usually meant TV, still a very difficult thing to accomplish.

The promise of connected TV will soon change that as we move into a new era of content convergence in the living room. In-Stat Research claims that in 2012 over 60% of connected living rooms will use a TV app at least once per week.

Our company is creating a live streaming video syndication network that positions churches and Christian broadcasters for this era. We are committed to making it much easier to get video, film, and stories seen on all connected devices, including TV. If you are regularly producing great content, shot in high quality format, and want to venture into the world of connected television, we would like to hear from you.

Recognizing aspiring Christian media professionals

Now go… create great content, and distribute it everywhere for God’s glory!

We want to support experiences that are meant to assist aspiring filmmakers, film students or recent graduates in making and distributing short films.

NRB 2012 is to be applauded for inviting teams of students from colleges around the country to take part in the 36-Hour Video & Audio Challenge. Students were given 36 hours to produce an original short narrative film between 4-7 minutes in length.

The 36-Hour Video & Audio Challenge Entry Forms.

The students spent their day and a half rapidly writing, recording and editing their projects to be evaluated by a panel of judges American Idol style. The Challenge was sponsored by Friends and Heroes Productions.

Northwestern College communication students took first place in both the film and audio competitions. The 36:DV team included Anna Carey, Ross Fleming, Luke Stapleton and Grant Swanson. Senior EMC majors Kim Davis, Lyssa Hester and Josh Svendsen comprised NWC’s award-winning audio team.

The 36:DV winning film

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU6WlqEQz4Y[/youtube]