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Top 10 reasons Frank Viola should start an Internet Radio Show

Bestselling author and speaker Frank Viola recently announced on his blog that he is “toying with the idea” of starting an Internet Radio Show.

Franks says, “The podcast would not be about church but would discuss a wide range of topics – theological, biblical, popular culture, etc.”

His blog readers are engaged in the Imagineering process by helping him to select a show co-host, should the vision ever turn into reality.

Leading candidates nominated for co-host so far include Rachel Held Evans, Len Sweet, Francis Chan, and one vote for “an invisible female co-host that Frank makes up and does her voice.”

That last one might reflect an existing symbiotic relationship already established between host and audience, which would be a promising sign.

Jumping on the brainstorming bandwagon, I’ve come up with my top ten reasons Frank should create his own Internet Radio Talk Show…

#10… He calls himself a “nobody,” but with a podcast ranked #1 on iTunes in “Christian Podcasts” in Canada and #13 in the USA, his ability to attract and retain an audience has been outstanding.

#9… It will get his message “on the deeper Christian life” across to a larger group of Millennials – his target audience – all at one time. The timing couldn’t be better. The weekly online radio audience now reaches an estimated 57 million people; the audience has doubled every five years since 2001. (Arbitron/Edison Infinite Dial 2012)

#8… As Michael Hyatt says in his new book Platform, it will be another channel through which he can “step up and provide leadership to a tribe of fellow travelers who share his passion.”

#7… It will give him fresh content for expanding into digital storytelling. He and his diverse audience will be able to share their life stories, creative imaginings, and experiences of God’s presence with others via the Internet, on discs, podcasts, or other electronic media.

#6… It will be an effective way to test, develop and nurture ideas.

#5… Christian mass media needs him. The long-term sustainability of the gospel media industry is contingent upon the development of new programs and content whether it is created for new or traditional media.

#4… As a new media pioneer, he will inspire other Christian authors, speakers, filmmakers, storytellers and preachers to experiment and creatively innovate with technology for gospel purposes.

#3… His comedic bits prove that Christians can laugh at themselves, have fun, and that you don’t have to have perfectly combed hair to do shtick.

#2… The show can serve as a guide to “research and development” for other media that he has no plans to do, but that friends may encourage him to do anyways, e.g. Web TV or conventional radio. He would then join the growing ranks of those taking advantage of media convergence: Teenage YouTube sensation become a local DJ, and Christian radio host starts on daily TV.

Extra: If he goes forward, I would suggest that he capture each show with an inexpensive but high-quality video camera. It can be done, and done well, for not a lot of money, because “you never know” what the future holds.

And the NUMBER ONE reason Frank Viola should start an Internet Radio Show…

#1… So five years from now, should he finally take the plunge, he won’t be wishing that he had listened to the advice of his friends who are encouraging him to start now.

Question: What risks are you being encouraged to take but the “what if’s” are keeping you from moving forward?