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Free online distribution for Christian video content creators

Are you a visual storyteller looking for ways to develop an audience for your content?

Filmmaker on location

There’s a free online syndication service that lets churches, filmmakers and producers of all types distribute video and audio content, and if desired, monetize it.

Information about the new distribution and syndication platform is at the end of the of post.

Why now is the time.

The use of visual media to reach our culture with the gospel is gaining momentum.

Technology has made story-driven media cheaper to make and easier to distribute. You can see evidence of the efficiencies in the faith-based marketplace.

The number of Christian content producers is rapidly growing and resulting in an explosion of short features, documentaries, podcasts, serial and episodic videos, and even feature-length films.

But a common and frustrating concern is that only a small fraction of creators are able to maximize audience, distribution, and revenues.

The biggest problem is the significant amount of money it takes to break through the clutter, to help the right people find your content, and to form a relationship with them.

The skyrocketing costs of marketing in the digital age, technological complexity, and a challenging economy are making it harder than ever to find out what works.

Reach new audiences

The most compelling reason to keep digging deeper and trying new things in the world of online video is that the audience is out there.

The entertainment industry’s leading data information systems reported 50.9 billion video and audio streams in the first six months of the year, up 24% from 41 billion streams in the same period of 2012.

At current usage levels, for the first time, Americans are on track to spend as many hours consuming content on digital devices as the combined amount of time they devote to watching TV and reading print, according to eMarketer.

Any way you look at it, this is a historical juncture in the history of media and ministry.

The future of publishing

The Glorystone.tv team has decided now is the time to help Christian publishers take advantage of it.

The company has launched The eStation™, a first-of-its kind video and audio platform built for the Christian marketplace. The eStation integrates syndication, publishing, ad sales, donor development, and live discipleship in a single unified platform.

Cloud-based, The eSation simplifies the way online publishing and syndication work. It combines a network-oriented online video and audio platform, an audio/video Content Network, advertising sales services, and multiple options for payment processing.

Customers – such as broadcasters, churches and ministries – get enterprise class publishing tools including branded players, a robust CMS, detailed analytics, HTML5, ad and fundraising ops, live spiritual coaching 24/7, and content programming from more than 100 of the nation’s leading Christian providers.

Content owners can distribute videos or podcasts to any web publisher via the Glorystone Content Network with little or no technical integration, and no up-front costs or risks to either party.

The big idea: The video/audio platform and content network is completely decentralized. Content in the platform can spread around the internet as it will, but in each version of content there’s an interaction, there’s a way for the creator of the content to engage with the audience and form a relationship with them. The eStation provides ongoing support for capturing emails, purchasing content, and monthly donations. The infrastructure is already integrated into the platform.

Visual storytellers wanted

Glorystone.tv supports making art for ministry. The eStation platform was built with visual storytellers in mind. With online video the ‘crown jewel’ of a four-screen media ministry strategy, it is exciting to envision how God is going to use media next to further His kingdom.

If you’re interested in partnering with Glorystone.tv…

  • You get distribution through the Content Network, at no cost.
  • You can make your content available to others to syndicate through to their audiences.
  • You can syndicate your own content.
  • You get to keep 100% of the revenue generated on your content.
  • You keep all the rights.

More information is available by contacting info@glorystone.tv.