Gordon Marcy

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Technology Is Not The Problem

Being adept at using the Internet for God’s purposes is an important skill.

Reimagine Christian Radio in Digital Era

Christian media organizations are adapting to an accelerating pace of technological change.

Time for a Digital Checkup

Don’t let your digital health today make you complacent about your ministry’s digital future.

Controlling your online video and audio future

The more control you have over your online content, distribution, and income, the lower your risk.

Radio network CEO discusses impact of Internet on broadcasting, leadership

Christian radio network CEO paints a picture of what a fully-developed Internet Radio and TV network can bring end users.

Aereo business model banned, but streaming video still booming

The failure of Aereo’s business model says nothing about the growing market for streaming online video programs. It’s exploding.

Viable Online Future for Church Communication Arts

The impact of the Internet phenomenon is making a viable online future for church communication arts.

Mobile Viewing Growth and the Gospel, Long Form is Hot

The growth of mobile video is skyrocketing and there is evidence people like longer video content too.

The secret sauce to creating contagious Christian content

Every Christian organization serious about using media to influence the culture needs to rethink content creation.

Church Digital Content Unleashed

Effective content distribution is the foundation of eCasting Christian digital audio and video.