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Christianized version of the Kardashians, just harmless fun

Christian reality TV: just harmless fun or is there a risk?

An Interview with NRB President, Frank Wright (Part 2)

NRB has vowed to remain vigilant in the fight to protect the ability of Christian broadcasters to freely proclaim the gospel

God’s Story, Your Story

“God’s Story, Your Story” helps people make sense out of their own circumstances in their search for purpose.

Ten words on the tenth anniversary of 9/11

Jesus Christ. Living proof. Tragedy can be turned into victory. (1 Corinthians 1:18)

A warning to tech-naïve parents

Parents need to be perceptive about the sinful nature of their children.

Stephen Hawking Proves God’s Existence

One of the world’s most famous atheists unwittingly reveals that God is here.

A Prayer for Mom

Retired Senior Minister Bob Russell delivered this prayer on Mother’s Day, 2004.

Staying In The Zone-God’s Zone-For Life

Living Life In The Zone is a 40-day devotional showing how God can forever change the lives of men that commit to seeking Him.

Early Warning System: Constant Watch

We need to be on constant watch for the return of Jesus Christ.

“FEARLESS” A Twitter Event With Max Lucado

Max Lucado interacts with a live audience in FEARLESS: Facing 2010 with More Trust [and less fear!].