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Viable Online Future for Church Communication Arts

The impact of the Internet phenomenon is making a viable online future for church communication arts.

Presenting the gospel in a world of 8 second attention spans

How do we tell our stories and share the gospel in this new always-on and hyper-distracted world?

Rick Warren and Condé Nast Have Something in Common

Multimedia integration is the wave of the future in a world of digital convergence.

Christian Media is horrible media, say critics

Is it fair to generally characterize Christian Media and Church Media as “mostly bad?”

Repurpose your church video assets

Week after week churches everywhere are focused on producing video content with a purpose.

The new iPad is really good news for Christian communicators

Four things Christian communicators can take away from the launch of the new iPad.

Connected TV Opportunities

The Christian content and technology world is in position to take hold of connected TV opportunities.

“Why Mobile Ministry?” Ten Observations

One of the most common mistakes made when sharing information about technology and ministry.

Seven Characteristics of a Tech-Savvy Church

Churches engaged in technology-enabled ministry share some common attributes.

Contending for the Faith in a Wildly Disruptive Age

The world is experiencing change unlike anything past generations have experienced.