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The Great Church Run for Technology

Advances in technology are opening new doors for the gospel and churches are racing to keep up.

New Strategies for Impacting the Culture

Some of the big challenges facing the Church will take new creative solutions.

Church IT Professionals Entrusted with the Gospel

Church IT professionals play a vital role in delivering the gospel in the Digital Age.

Fanning The Flames of Church Communications Excellence

The Center For Church Communication puts the spotlight on communications excellence with its Firestarter initiatve.

Auxano Houston Vision co::Lab Session #6

The last of six sessions on Vision: Defining vision, explaining how to cast vision and discussing how to use vision framing in ongoing visioning and planning work.

Seven Things I Learned About Casting Vision During Auxano’s co::Lab

Church Unique is the process of discovering and articulating a new model ministry.

A Conversation With Cynthia Ware About Church Communications (Part Two)

The Center for Church Communication is helping the church grow in its ability to effectively and clearly communicate the gospel.

A Conversation With Cynthia Ware About Church Communications (Part One)

Cynthia Ware, from the Center for Church Communication, talks about the state of church communications today.

Seven Promises for Providers of Church Communications

Churches should be able to expect certain standards from providers of communication technologies.

Ten Reasons Churches Should “Catch Up” Technologically

Churches often lag behind the marketplace in their use of technology. Ten reasons the time has come for “catching up.”