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Collaboration: Old meets new

There is a surge in Christian digital content, helped by new distribution channels, but are people finding the content?

Fully connected car: Coming sooner than you think

There is going to be no end to what can be consumed in a car on the new advanced infotainment systems.

Broadcasters fight to save dying industry

Experts and analysts have been telling broadcasters for years to get ready for a major transformation.

8 Guiding Principles for Christian Digital Media Startups

Eight principles for Christian Digital Media startups to apply as a guiding light.

Passion in Work: Go for it

People who are passionate about their work have one thing in common.

A fierce enemy is out to get you and your media ministry

The general public expects Christian communicators to be committed to the highest ethical standards.

A digital builder’s first task

God’s creation, the world, is so strong, its foundations so firm, that it cannot be moved out of its place

Should churches collaborate?

Collaboration is taking place worldwide between organizations, corporations, educational institutions, and even farmers.

Rebuild broken platforms with a pizzazz that lasts

We have all seen projects and missions that start with pizzazz but eventually end up in defeat.

Has partnership become just a word?

Creating digital communication strategies for evangelism and discipleship will take partnership.