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The New Digital Video Landscape

All signs continue to point to video being the future of media consumption.

Controlling your online video and audio future

The more control you have over your online content, distribution, and income, the lower your risk.

Aereo business model banned, but streaming video still booming

The failure of Aereo’s business model says nothing about the growing market for streaming online video programs. It’s exploding.

Mobile Viewing Growth and the Gospel, Long Form is Hot

The growth of mobile video is skyrocketing and there is evidence people like longer video content too.

Video Platform on a Mission

Here are the four biggest challenges to starting an online video/audio platform.

Free online distribution for Christian video content creators

Information about the first free online video and audio distribution and syndication service for the Christian marketplace.

5 Reasons Chromecast Could Change Things for Christian TV

We could be looking at the future of TV.

Online video and audio consumption surging

Online video and audio consumption surged in the first half of 2013.

Online Video Advertising Ready to Roll on Christian Media

Christian organizations and the brands that want to reach their audiences are finding that video is a natural complement to their marketing efforts.