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Collaboration: Old meets new

There is a surge in Christian digital content, helped by new distribution channels, but are people finding the content?

Unlocking the Mystery of Media Ministry Partnership

A community can accomplish great things that neither individuals or groups could achieve alone.

The Building Blocks of a New Business Model

Through innovation, religious broadcasting can remain the leading media platform for the gospel in the 21st century.

My Dream Media Collaboration

While we can’t stop the disruption caused by new technologies, we can develop new ministry and business models that harness their potential.

Should churches collaborate?

Collaboration is taking place worldwide between organizations, corporations, educational institutions, and even farmers.

“Why Mobile Ministry?” Ten Observations

One of the most common mistakes made when sharing information about technology and ministry.

Can’t we all just work together?

Collaboration between churches and Christian organizations takes hard work, change and risk.

Is the eternal destiny of the iGeneration at stake?

Between 64 and 94 percent of Christian youth are leaving their faith within two years of high school graduation.

The Last Mile of Outreach and Web-TV

Greater coordination of media assets can be a powerful force for helping local churches develop relationships with the unreached.

Make a difference using technology, the Zambian way

A small group of people who see and respond differently to the world are making a difference in Macha, Zambia.