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Internet upsetting the TV apple cart

Compared to other industries, the television business has so far managed to avoid having its apple cart turned over by the Internet.

3 changes the Internet has brought to the Church in the past 5 years

There are millions of seekers online, as are missionaries of all religions vying for their attention.

Face the Nation Google+ Hangout: Digital Outreach at a Crossroad

The inaugural Face the Nation Google+ Hangout was dedicated to religion in the internet age.

Do we still need traditional broadcast media to reach the masses?

It has been fascinating to watch Mark Driscoll, a tech-savvy pastor, use traditional radio and television to promote his new book.

Elevation Network: The Bold New Face of Church Media

The first-of-its kind live church-based video platform, Elevation Network features round the clock preaching.

Once upon a time in the Church Online

Each week people that might otherwise never hear the gospel are being introduced to Christ through Church Online.

Dead Sea Scrolls Online Bring New Life to the Church Online

Dead Sea Scrolls Online should inspire pastors to take a closer look at their vision for using technology.

Church IT, there’s a battle to be won

Digital communication tools infused with the gospel are powerful weapons in the battle for souls online.

Procrastinating on Internet outreach

How we transmit the gospel to the masses ranks at the top of the opportunities created by the Internet.

Desperate Need for New Outreach Strategies

According to the numbers, church attendance in America should be surging but it is not.